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If you are one of those frustrated webmasters who are used to following the old rules of SEO on how to generate your own backlinks, you have to embrace the new era and use the tools already available on the web. There is no point in lingering to the memories of the old days where creating your own backlinks was all you had to think about to rank high in Google and other search engines. Just like everything else, the Internet changes constantly and if you are not willing to accept this and adapt to the new world, you will be left behind. Even in this online world the survival of the fittest still counts, so make sure to be one of those leading finches in this new book of evolution.

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In this new world it is all about making people like you. If you are liked by your readers, they are much more likely to share your website or blog with their friends and followers. A great tool for mass spreading your site is with the use of social media. Here people will be able to share your link without you having to do anything. People love to share great content and therefore your main job has become to create great content. But this is easier said than done, since you do not know what exactly people like. But no matter what niche you have chosen, you need to give people something that they haven’t already seen such as a new angle to a topic or some useful information that they need.

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Using forums can help you spread your name so that people know who you are and what you have to offer. The great thing about forums is the amount of potential customers that are all gathered in one place. These forum members are all interested in your specific niche and will therefore be very likely to buy your products, once they get to know you.



Blogging is another great way to reach people at a much more personal level. Blogs allow you to post on a regular basis and create a stronger bond between you and your followers who get to know and appreciate your information. So if your main site is not a blog, you should create one solely for SEO purposes. Remember that in today’s SEO you need to win the people in order to win the wanted ranking.

So stay ahead of the game and be a leading figure in your field. As a webmaster you should always evolve and be able to adapt to any new circumstances the future may bring in the world of online business.

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